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June 03 2015

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May 28 2015

Mad Max : Fury Road en Lego


Will, un créateur de Lego originaux s’est inspiré des films Mad Max et plus particulièrement du dernier Fury Road et a reproduit avec les petites briques et des minifigures les véhicules déjantés du film.

Vous pouvez les voir tous sur sa page Flickr.











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May 26 2015

Bordalo II

L’artiste Bordalo II utilise des vieux pneus, des pare-chocs, et d’autres morceaux qu’il recycle des poubelles pour faire des fresques en 3D comme ici à Lisbonne.







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May 22 2015

3d Tattoo
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May 14 2015

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May 11 2015

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700 year-old Stone Houses in Iran (via beautyofiran.tumblr.com)

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May 10 2015

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Woody Work In Progress

wip0.jpg Every now and then, you need to be your own client. And there’s nothing quite as mind clearing as manual labor… or as satisfying as making something you love and get to see and experience daily! So Shawn and i recently decided to set aside some time and energy and be our own clients working on a redwood gate and bench/top for our triangle that matches the fence we made! Somehow starting this all… also turned into reorganizing and sprucing up the garage shop (with the help of Bucky the trusty shop dog, of course!)… acquiring some new tools… and enjoying the jacaranda’s purple flowering season! Even as we started working on it all - it has quickly become our favorite spot to have coffee, relax, and grow a few new experiments! Take a peek at what we’ve been sharing on the NOTlabs Instagram on the next page!

TO PAGE 2 of "Woody Work In Progress"! ----->

(Want more visual goodness? See NOTCOT.com + NOTCOT.org)
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Power Wheels Racing Progress

Progress on the new Power Wheels racing car (Code Name STEVE) continues at a good pace! We’ve completed our innovative wood torsion box frame and are starting to lay out the other components for mounting. Here’s the recap:

The overall dimensions of the cart are 4′ in length (to make good use of our raw material) by 29″ in width (to drive through the narrowest doorway in the shop). Once we’d cut the torsion box skins to this size, we set them on the bench and started laying out the wheels and controls. Here’s James working on the seating position and handlebar layout:


Next, we started working on the internal bracing grid, using construction grade 2×4 boards ripped in half. We did this instead of just buying 2x2s because the larger boards tend to be straighter, higher-quality wood. After cutting the grid boards to length, we cut half-lap joints in them so they could cross while maintaining at least a portion of the grain all the way across the chassis.




Once everything is glued up, you can start to see the merit of this design – it’s very stiff, but incredibly lightweight. I don’t have any measurements of a steel frame to compare to, but at 21 lbs this will be hard to beat. And with the frame propped up on rollers at the axle locations and Eric sitting in the driver’s seat, there was no visible deflection.



Finally, our new batteries are in. These are BatterySpace LiFePo4 20 Ah cells, approved for us by the PRS Sanctioning Body. Right out of the box, we divided the cells into two packs and set about bottom-balancing each. Basically, we wired the cells up in parallel and did a deep discharge to 2.6 volts, putting every cell at the same minimum state of charge. Then, once they’re wired back in series we charge until the first cell hits a maximum safe voltage, setting the capacity of the pack equal to the weakest single cell. This way, we can charge and discharge without needing complicated balancing or monitoring. The minimum pack voltage is 2.6 volts per cell, and in practice we’ll set our cutoff at 28 volts or more for a 10-cell pack. The maximum voltage is whatever the pack happens to be at when one cell peaks, but we’ll generally charge to around 34 volts. As it turns out, all our cells finish charging in balance to at least 10 mV, the resolution of our multimeter. Build a sturdy box to contain and protect the cells, and we’re ready to race!



Next up, we’ll be working on the axles and steering, and then we can get to mounting motors and electronics. Stop by and give us a hand!

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Really don’t understand why people hating on his prom outfit

It’s fire

If he was white they’d be saying how he looks like a Disney prince irl

I’m tryna cop this fit

My mans really on his FFXII Balthier shit

He look good as fuck

Fuck a Disney Prince nigga walk straight out of Final Fantasy

Black Jon Snow

It’s a sherwani, a traditional Indian dress.

But why is no one talking about how this is appropriating Desi culture lol……

lol so cultural appropriation is allowed sometimes when it’s an attractive poc ok tumblr

was seriously thinking the same thing ^ if he was white they would have torn him a new one. seen plenty of non-desi poc on tumblr tryna get away with bindi’s and shit. we see you.

!!!! Literally just said this and now I’m getting angry anons

Its a type of Indian wedding garment. And just in case yall get mad here’s what they look like…


This sort of looks like a sherwani, but it also looks like a West African KAFTAN, Kaftans are worn across parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. I don’t know this boy, but he could very well be from any of these regions (yes, Black people exist outside of Africa *shock) or be a descendant of West African slaves… which would means he’s appropriating his ancestors? :/



Anybody but me wondering when we’re gonna get an apology from the shitfrigates above who started jerking themselves off as soon as they saw an opportunity to use anti-oppression language for Anti-blackness?

I know we’ll be waiting for some time.

we’ll get an apology from them as soon as we get reparations for slavery, 

you know non-black POC love trying to keep us down, but want us to do they work for them.

But more importantly where can I cop one of these outfits at

Peep this too! The funny part is after this post I looked on one of their pages, la-rinascente? Found this

So this kid jumped at the chance to mistakenly accuse a Black person of appropriation while appropriating and making a mockery of a Black dialect



Thats two apologies from this one.

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May 07 2015

Recoiling Socket In The Wall from Meysam Movahedi

Recoiling Socket In The Wall from Meysam Movahedi

May 04 2015

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Derrick Velasquez
Untitled 84

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May 03 2015

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Creative kid. More creative mom.

fucking idiot got owned

May 01 2015

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