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November 17 2016

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November 08 2016

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November 07 2016

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November 01 2016

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October 15 2016

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 specjalnie dla Edwarda VII, króla Wielkiej Brytanii w latach 1901-1910.

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September 19 2016

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The new MagicShifter 3000 with integrated WIFI is finally available!
You never heard of it before?
That is because they are imported directly from the future.

Its a magical 16 pixel peristence of vision tool.
Open Source firmware, developed in the metalab hackspace in vienna.

Get one here while they are still fresh
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September 11 2016

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August 08 2016

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August 05 2016

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July 19 2016

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Project:uranium is awesome!
Combining URANIUM (the radioactive isotope) glass marbles with microcontrolled UV-leds a mysterious green glow is created.

There is a wooden version and 3D-printed enclosures available. You can also download the enclosure 3D-files and make your own version.
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